Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Eyes Have It

So, I’m part of a new team now, and my new team lead came over to have the introductory meeting. He is a very nice guy, but I am presented with a very stressful obstacle: the maverick eye.
Which eye is the one that actually has vision? Or do they both have vision and the fact that I’m focusing on the one eye that seems normal means that I’m discriminating against the other eye just because it doesn’t actually look at me? I found myself constantly switching back and forth between them.
I finally came to a place where I had some peace about just looking into the good eye, and willfully ignoring the urge to look at the bad one for a second (just like when someone says don’t think about elephants, and that’s all you can think about). I was reaching my optimum rhythm with the conversation and was discoursing on what particular areas I manage and how those could be optimized. I’m doing well, I thought. I’m great! Look at my communication skills! I was really gaining speed. And then, suddenly, IT happened.

The eyes switched. The bad eye became the good one, and vice versa. I was a goner.

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