Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waiting to settle in

We are renting a house in a very trendy area of Chattanooga, it is very close to a lot of the things we like. It is also a little too close to things we don't like, for instance the house next door that gets rented out nightly for parties. We were unaware of this situation when we rented the house, and the first weekend after we moved in, we noticed that the formerly empty house was suddenly inundated with cars and people. Every weekend, and some weeknights, there has been a large gathering. And almost every gathering has required that my husband go over and ask them to keep it down, as the baby's room is practically part of the house next door. Usually, folks are apologetic and usually quiet down, or take it inside, which solves the problem. Sometimes, it doesn't work out that way, and we have to call the police. I could handle it if it happened once a month, but every single weekend is really not good.

So, we're moving again. We found a GREAT place, very large, screened porch, a little more out in the country, large lot, more separated from neighbors, and very close to baby's daycare. It seemed too easy, and we are both worried that something will fall through. Provided that it doesn't, we move in about two and a half weeks. We found the house about two weeks ago. So, we've been living with one foot here and one foot there, so to speak. This is beginning to wear on us, we're tired of this ready-at-a-moment's-notice type of lifestyle. I hope this place provides us a more permanent state of mind.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nashville Star Confessions

I am going to make this terrible confession: I am hooked on Nashville Star.
I am currently watching. I love to root for my favorites, and I love to criticize the ones I don't like. Who could ask for more?
Gabe is my favorite. I just LOVE his voice, and he just seems like such a sweet guy.

I'm watching Melissa, Justin, and Tommy stand there to find out who is going home. Melissa was looking at Justin like "If I get sent home, I'm going to kiss you square on the mouth." I really like her, though. I hope she doesn't get voted off. As a fellow big girl, I have to root for my team, you know. She's doing True Colors. I'm a little afraid. It sounds really good, I'm not sure if it will be "country" enough. I'm crossing my fingers for her, because homegirl can SING!

Yea! She did well, the judges basically fell on the floor and rolled over to get their belly rubbed by her.

It is down to Justin and Tommy. M and I are both hoping that they won't let them sing again. Do they sing again, or just get booted? I can't remember.c?!

Oh no, they do let them sing again. What is up with those awful really low vneck tshirts? They are horrible. Girls just want to have fun -- oh dear God. No way, he can sing! No way, no way. This is really good! I really didn't think he could carry a tune. Did Geoff really have to eat the paper? Jewel honey, why are you wearing Saturn's rings on your ears? I had to turn my negativity on the judges, I was so ready to unleash it on Justin.

Tommy: OMG. Maniac?! Wow. Oh my. He can't sing. At all. This is BADDDDDD. BAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD. The backup dancers! So bad. I can't wait for the judge's comments.

I personally can't sing at all, short of lullabies to S. That makes it even more fun to criticize. Just like those gymnastics commentators. I LOVE them. They are always jumping on any sort of mistake, "Oh Elke, that is going to cost an entire point, that is just unforgivable at this level. You know when I was in the Olympics in 1964, you would've just gone out and lit yourself on fire if you had done that." It is the greatest.

I actually watched the gymnastics Olympics qualifier thing last night, and I always go into it thinking I just want to watch the mistakes, and then about five minutes into it, I start wincing when they make one. I'm such a big cheeseball, I really want all of them to do well. And were it not for my love of watching Olympic gymnastics, I couldn't have perfected the Kerri Strugg hop when getting up from the couch while 9 months pregnant. Yes, it got funnier every time.

Poor Justin! He did so well this time too. Oh well, he still has his modeling career. Oh Billy Ray, the words need to stop coming out of your mouth.

Time to hit the hay --

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Actual conversation today

Driving down the road:
Me: 10 to 1 that is a camel toe situation!
Me: Actually, I'm calling camel toe fanny pack combo...
Him: I'm saying a definite camel toe -- I'm a maybe on the fanny pack.
Me: I think if it were both, it might be a sign, you know, like that white buffalo and the Native Americans said it was a sign that they would come back to power?
Him: So, you think that camel toe/fanny pack people would rise again?
Me: It's a distinct possibility.

I'm so glad our son isn't old enough to repeat what we say.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My old pal the Pill

I haven't been on the pill since October of 2005. I didn't realize it had been that long, but apparently it has. I start up again this Sunday, and it is a strange feeling. Like the end of an era. I've been either obsessed with trying to get pregnant or keeping a pregnancy for two and a half years, or in ovulation obsessed years, forever. Now that I have a baby, that era is over. I honestly think that is why EVERY month I convince myself that I'm pregnant. It has become a way of life for me. And I'm finally ready to let it go, to get back to being myself. If I can remember who that was. And hopefully she's been away at a spa all of this time, and is thinner, happier and incredibly popular.
Did you see the spot on the Today show about the lady who's metal ornament on her thong flew off and hit her in the eye? She is suing Victoria's Secret. Boy howdy.

My job is quite the interesting place -- the men there want nothing to do with the women there. Some of them talk to me, but only about as much as they need to. They go to coffee every day, but never invite me. I've started saying completely weird things out loud, just to see if anyone will say anything, like "Why would you want to do THAT with a cow?" and so far no one has gone for it. I need to get more creative, I guess. I love a challenge.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crazy comes for a visit

Wow, it has been too long. We went on a fantastic vacation to the beach. It was fabulous, wonderful, and everything a vacation should be. We were nervous about traveling with the little bugaboo, but overall he was great.

In our true fashion, we immediately decided we should move to the beach. And of course, I started posting my resume. And of course, had a phone interview which resulted in the company asking when I could fly out to interview. And ASTOUNDINGLY, we talked about it and decided to ride it out a bit longer here. Here's to being an adult -- at least for now.

I'm watching the coverage on the announcement that Tiger Woods is going to be out for the rest of the season. They are interviewing all of these other PGA guys about it, and they all have the same look in their eyes, the one that says "Hey, maybe I'll actually make some money this year!", while they are saying how sorry they are that he'll be out. I'd love it if someone would just come out and say that. It would be much more interesting!

Tell me why if I'm two days past my usual period start date, even if I've used birth control and don't particularly want to be pregnant, I feel compelled to take the darned test. And I still feel a little disappointed when it is a negative, even though I was VERY worried that I might be. I really can't wait to get back on the Pill. It leaves so much less window for Crazy to sneak in.