Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Limbo Land

Well, I'm bouncing between being in complete denial of this pregnancy, to wanting to tell the world. Denial wins most of the time. I had lunch with a friend who is eight weeks pregnant, with her first. For some reason, I was a little mad at her. I think I am jealous that she is completely unafraid, rambling on about what kind of car to get that will support a car seat (I wanted to scream at her, “You are only eight weeks along! Save the drama for later!”), telling us that she has been wearing maternity clothes for two weeks already – I wasn’t wearing them when I miscarried last time, at 15 weeks. I feel like a terrible person, I want to be happy for her, and join in her silliness, but I just have to fake it right now. I had a little spotting last Thursday, and that REALLY sent me into some kind of bitter denial phase. It stopped, and I had no cramping, but it really brought me even more to reality that anything could go wrong at any time. But, there are people, like my friend, who will go through the whole thing blissfully and have no complications. And I’m happy for her, really. At least I want to be.

I go between not being able to wait until my appointment, to thinking I don’t EVER want to go. I watched Studio 60 last night, they showed her going into an appointment and having an ultrasound, and I had to make myself slow my breathing. I was actually panting with anxiety. I definitely felt then that I would like to just wait 9 months and see what comes out. But I do want to know if this is an actual baby, rather than a molar pregnancy, or blighted ovum, or at least sometimes I do. Just now I started thinking about it, and I felt my heart start to race.

Husband doesn’t want me to ride my horse on the trail anymore, which is not good. I understand his point, but because of the weather, I haven’t been trail riding in two or three weeks! The horse coughs when I ride him in an arena, so I’m limited to the polo field or the trail. I’ll have to see how I feel when I ride him again. I wasn’t allowed to last weekend because of the spotting, and also we had some people visiting. One of these people is a very good friend, but it really bugs me when she says, “Oh, you can get in the hot spring, you’ll be fine”, and “you can ski, why do you worry about it?” which is easy for her to say, since she has a healthy 2 and a half year old. It ticks me off when she acts like I’m being a wimp for trying to help this thing survive.

I know I should try and take this thing one day at a time. And I’ve been doing pretty well. For some reason, today, I cannot focus on my work. For one thing, it is Christmas! And I just don’t want to work, I wish I could take some vacation time, but I don’t want to, just in case I do actually have a baby, so I can have 6 weeks leave. Welcome to the world of limbo. Get used to it.

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