Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another Adventure

And so we embark on another adventure...
We're moving back to Chattanooga. The movers come Monday, I fly out with Munchkin on the 31st (Happy Halloween!). H is driving out with the dogs and the cat, bless his heart. I'm going back to work for the same company I worked for before, but in a different department. I'll be making as much money as I am here, plus the boost from having no state income tax.
We found a beautiful, 100 year old house, and I can't wait to move in. It is in sort of a dicey neighborhood, but every house on our street has been redone, so hopefully it won't be too bad where we are. It is an incredible house, really my dream house.
My last day here at work is Tues, the 30th. I'm trying to get as much money as possible on my last paycheck. I hate moving so much, and we don't really have much money, so it is kind of hard. But I think it will be worth it. It has already snowed here, and I say Bleeccchhhh! Plus, I want the Munchkin to be closer to his grandparents-- they certainly make a fuss over him.

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