Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shut Down by THE MAN

I was at work, and went to do my daily browse of blogs, and suddenly, anything blogspot is blocked. So, this means I actually have to find time to browse the web on my own time! What kind of world is it where I can't get paid to browse the web for my own personal enjoyment?
Christmas is sort of like nearing the end of pregnancy. It is coming, whether I'm ready or not. And I, most assuredly am not! I ordered a couple of things and none of them are going to be here on time. We just moved to Chattanooga, and we are in an old, old neighborhood, I think it was established in 1870 or something. At any rate, the mail carrier will NOT deliver mail unless we put up a mailbox at the end of our two foot driveway. Since we are renting, we can't really do this, so we got a PO box. That is good unless UPS is delivering, then you have to give them the physical address. Guess what? One shipper decided to send USPS (despite the fact that they said they were using UPS), so they won't deliver to my physical address. There is a forwarding order, which means it will be weeks until I see this gift. Arrrgggghhh. Merry Christmas, and all that. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter, I know.

Husband is getting more okay with staying home with S. He is doing a great job with him, and I know it must be so hard to be isolated most of the time. S is apparently huge, being 15lbs and 26 inches at 4 months. The doctor seemed to think so, anyway. He is healthy, really starting to chug down the rice cereal, and is such a HAPPY boy. We cannot wait for Christmas! We got an exersaucer last night, the real fun begins when we have to put it together. I wish so much that I owned a video camera so that I could've taped the Assembly of the High Chair. There is always the obligatory "I'm going to throw this thing out of the window" even though we both know that it won't happen. My favorite part is afterwards, when he says "that wasn't very hard!" I'm laughing now just thinking of it.

We are really liking Chattanooga, it is a neat town. And I love the fact that I'm sitting here typing this listening to birds singing outside. The high is like 60 today. I think it is snowing in Denver. I really, really don't like the cold!

I have to brave Christmas shopping today, as two gifts won't be here, and we can't find our stockings or tree skirt. I get to spend the day alone with Spud as Husband is shopping too. I love it, I get to hog him all to myself. All the snuggles, giggles, and raspberries are directed at ME and me alone!

Also, I actually got a comment. I was thinking of bronzing it, as it will probably be the only one I ever get!

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