Friday, December 11, 2009

16 and a half weeks

5 more days until the Big Ultrasound,and quad screen results. Since I've reached 16 and a half weeks, I feel really good, and I'm starting to feel more like I'm really pregnant. I finally broke down and bought maternity pants and shirts, I have a definite bump showing. I'm terrified of something bad on the quad screen/ultrasound, but I want to be excited so badly.

I did get to see the baby this week, as I went in for my 16 week appointment and although we did hear the heartbeat for a few seconds, she couldn't find it again. Does this sound familiar? Luckily, I've rented a Doppler and had just listened earlier, so I wasn't really worried about it. She got the ultrasound machine and I got to have a good look at the kiddo. It is amazing how much is different from the 10 week appointment! I could see a backbone, fingers, toes, arms, legs. He/she was bending their knees and moving their arms and head. It really made me feel more connected. I wish that M could've been there, but I'd told him not to come, as usually it is ten minutes, they measure, listen, and I'm out the door (after paying for that privilege, of course). I have to admit that despite myself, I started to get a bit excited. And then, I told everyone at work-- BEFORE THE test results! What was I thinking? But in a way, if something is horribly wrong, it will be good that everyone knows, so that they'll be nicer to me, or at least understand when I snap their heads off.

In other news, S is so much fun-- he is really talking and singing, knows his upper case letters, and some lower case, is learning the sounds now. He LOVES Christmas lights, and we usually make a quick loop on the way home from school to look at them. Also, for the first time in SIX MONTHS, he is starting to be a lot better about being left at school. He hasn't had to have the teacher pick him up, I'm able to hug him and kiss him, and go. I'm really crossing my fingers that this continues!

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