Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nuchal Fold

We had the nuchal fold translucency test done today, and the results were normal, yeah! It was a little dicey, though. We were making small talk with the ultrasound tech, and I said something about how fast they grow up both inside and outside, and after that she got very quiet. She was doing measurements, but wasn't really saying anything, and boy, we started getting nervous. The doctor came in and told us the results, and we really liked her. This was at the high risk specialist, so she won't actually be delivering or anything, but we will see her again for the big ultrasound at 17 weeks.
After that, the ultrasound tech came back in to take my blood, and she explained that her son had died in Iraq in September, and my comment just made her really sad, which made her quiet. I almost started crying right there. I felt terrible for her. I can't imagine how awful it would be to bury your son. And then I think about how many other mothers did the same thing. It makes me very sad. I do not agree with the war, never have, but I certainly support those families that are affected by it. My heart goes out to them.
Next stop, 5 weeks for the quad screen blood draw, and then the next week will be the Big Ultrasound. Oh, and according to the ultrasound, 11 weeks 3 days along.

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