Monday, March 30, 2009

So, I go to my car to await the Phone Interview, scheduled for 11. I wait and wait, then wait some more. At 11:20, I call the HR person. Oh, she says, they are running late, maybe 15 more minutes? I’ve been sitting in my car since 10:50. No problem, I say, swallowing my anger. Maybe this time will be worth it. Maybe this will the THE ONE. I decide to go get gas. Five minutes later, while driving through the busiest part of town, the phone rings. It is the Interviewer. We talk, we click, the job sounds great, Oh, really, I could work from home a lot? Wonderful! Yes, I’d love to discuss my experience. Yes, I have experience with Data Warehouses. Yes, I know what your company does. Oh my, this is going well, I think, this really could be THE ONE. We talk salary. Oh, and one small detail…. This isn’t a full time job. We would bring you in for 6 months as a contractor. That’s okay, right? No, no guarantees that we’d hire you. If we like you, sure, but if we don’t... Benefits? Oh well, you’d pay for 80% of your benefits. We use <>. They are a lot more expensive than the others, but you can choose whatever doctor you want! I know that our posting said full time job, sorry about that.

Nothing like wasting two hours of your life that you’ll never get back. And being slapped with massive disappointment once again. It was so nice to hear someone talk to me that within the first ten minutes didn’t make a reference to the Lord, what church I go to, or the phrase “hind end”. But, I’m back in the land of No Hope. And I’m firmly, deeply stuck.

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