Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 9 and holding

So, yeah, week 9 on the pregnant thing. The doctor's appointment went well, but a little fraught with frustration. You see, I couldn't sleep the entire night before due to Bad Ultrasound Dread. But I knew it would be over the next day, at least for the short term.
We got to the doctor's office, had the exam, when the doctor casually mentions that the sonographer has had a death in the family, and the other sonographer can't fit me in, so I'll have to reschedule. Oh man, I held it together pretty well, but I was ready to go totally Bruce Lee and rip out his larynx. But I didn't. We had to wait two more days, but then we got to see the heartbeat, and it measured beautifully. We'll see how the next one goes.
I'm ordering the fetal heart monitor tomorrow.

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