Friday, January 12, 2007

Hurry Up and Wait

I am so antsy about just knowing what is going on, I'm dieing to rent a Doppler. However, I'm only 9 weeks along and I know that I probably wouldn't be able to hear anything anyway. Which would send me into a tailspin. Or not, as I keep telling myself. At any rate, I need to wait. I hate waiting, because I would love to have some sort of reassurance. I guess I could call and make an appointment sooner at the doctor's office. I keep thinking that if I can wait until 12 weeks and everything is okay, it will be more meaningful. We'll see. I may cave. It is only 3 weeks from Monday, which is not that long, in the big picture. I'm still having nausea off and on, and I'm absolutely exhausted by the end of the day, so I'm hoping that is a good sign.

It is quite cold here today, at 9:45, it is 1 degree above zero. I'm working from home today, as the roads are kind of icy, and it really isn't worth the risk of driving in, I can do my job just as easily from home anyway. I'm going to try and go see the horse, I think he may be turned out, which means I'll have to go out in the field, which I may not want to do with the icy conditions right now. Some of the horses are such a holes! They won't let you in the gate, they won't let you out, not very respectful of my space. Which is a BIG no no in the horse world. My horse may not obey my every wish, but he understands that if I am standing in front of him, he stops. He doesn't just run through me! So, we'll see if I make it out or not.

Arrggghhhh... to call the dr or not to call? I'm sure they could get me in next week....

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