Thursday, June 14, 2007

All's quiet on the hormone front

Things were a little smoother yesterday. I don't think I cried once. Husband was very good, puppy was very good. We took the puppy to the barn last night, where I was actually ABLE TO GO GET THE HORSE MYSELF. What a huge step! My foot was crammed into a sneaker, but I was able to walk on it and felt comfortable going into the pasture myself. Yea! Husband walked the puppy around, which was great for both of them.

I don't think I ate enough yesterday, because about 7, I was sooo tired. To the point of almost collapsing. So today, I'm going to make sure I eat enough, I'm just finishing off my blueberry yogurt (yummm!). We are completely broke this week, so if I eat out, it has to be cheap, mostly Wendy's value menu, but I can get some good stuff, baked potato, caesar salad, etc. Which is good, not too bad for me, and very filling.

Why does my mother, after talking to me for like an hour about the same exact stuff we ALWAYS talk about, when I end the conversation say, "call me again this week, okay?" We don't have anything to talk about anyway, why the heck does she want me to call AGAIN? I usually just say I will, and then don't. It seems to work, so why mess with it?

We got our Widespread Panic tickets for Red Rocks! We are only going to the Sunday show, I don't think I'll survive any more than that, but I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't seen them in a year, the last one was the shows at the Fox last May (2006). I hate to say it, but they weren't great shows. It wasn't long after that George left them, and you could tell that they just weren't together. At any rate, it will be good to see them with Jimmy playing guitar.

Work is beginning to drive me crazy. I really want to start working from home every week, just as my coworker does. Every time I bring this up, I get some hemming and hawing. I think I'm just going to start doing it, and let him deal with it. He's lucky I'm still here, as I see it. It would just be nice to not have to drive in 5 days a week, especially with gas prices. Plus, I'm getting more and more tired, and that would help me get a nap in.

Monday will be 8 months(32 weeks)!! Whew Hoo!! 8 weeks to go!

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