Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crazy comes for a visit

Wow, it has been too long. We went on a fantastic vacation to the beach. It was fabulous, wonderful, and everything a vacation should be. We were nervous about traveling with the little bugaboo, but overall he was great.

In our true fashion, we immediately decided we should move to the beach. And of course, I started posting my resume. And of course, had a phone interview which resulted in the company asking when I could fly out to interview. And ASTOUNDINGLY, we talked about it and decided to ride it out a bit longer here. Here's to being an adult -- at least for now.

I'm watching the coverage on the announcement that Tiger Woods is going to be out for the rest of the season. They are interviewing all of these other PGA guys about it, and they all have the same look in their eyes, the one that says "Hey, maybe I'll actually make some money this year!", while they are saying how sorry they are that he'll be out. I'd love it if someone would just come out and say that. It would be much more interesting!

Tell me why if I'm two days past my usual period start date, even if I've used birth control and don't particularly want to be pregnant, I feel compelled to take the darned test. And I still feel a little disappointed when it is a negative, even though I was VERY worried that I might be. I really can't wait to get back on the Pill. It leaves so much less window for Crazy to sneak in.

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