Monday, June 23, 2008

Nashville Star Confessions

I am going to make this terrible confession: I am hooked on Nashville Star.
I am currently watching. I love to root for my favorites, and I love to criticize the ones I don't like. Who could ask for more?
Gabe is my favorite. I just LOVE his voice, and he just seems like such a sweet guy.

I'm watching Melissa, Justin, and Tommy stand there to find out who is going home. Melissa was looking at Justin like "If I get sent home, I'm going to kiss you square on the mouth." I really like her, though. I hope she doesn't get voted off. As a fellow big girl, I have to root for my team, you know. She's doing True Colors. I'm a little afraid. It sounds really good, I'm not sure if it will be "country" enough. I'm crossing my fingers for her, because homegirl can SING!

Yea! She did well, the judges basically fell on the floor and rolled over to get their belly rubbed by her.

It is down to Justin and Tommy. M and I are both hoping that they won't let them sing again. Do they sing again, or just get booted? I can't remember.c?!

Oh no, they do let them sing again. What is up with those awful really low vneck tshirts? They are horrible. Girls just want to have fun -- oh dear God. No way, he can sing! No way, no way. This is really good! I really didn't think he could carry a tune. Did Geoff really have to eat the paper? Jewel honey, why are you wearing Saturn's rings on your ears? I had to turn my negativity on the judges, I was so ready to unleash it on Justin.

Tommy: OMG. Maniac?! Wow. Oh my. He can't sing. At all. This is BADDDDDD. BAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD. The backup dancers! So bad. I can't wait for the judge's comments.

I personally can't sing at all, short of lullabies to S. That makes it even more fun to criticize. Just like those gymnastics commentators. I LOVE them. They are always jumping on any sort of mistake, "Oh Elke, that is going to cost an entire point, that is just unforgivable at this level. You know when I was in the Olympics in 1964, you would've just gone out and lit yourself on fire if you had done that." It is the greatest.

I actually watched the gymnastics Olympics qualifier thing last night, and I always go into it thinking I just want to watch the mistakes, and then about five minutes into it, I start wincing when they make one. I'm such a big cheeseball, I really want all of them to do well. And were it not for my love of watching Olympic gymnastics, I couldn't have perfected the Kerri Strugg hop when getting up from the couch while 9 months pregnant. Yes, it got funnier every time.

Poor Justin! He did so well this time too. Oh well, he still has his modeling career. Oh Billy Ray, the words need to stop coming out of your mouth.

Time to hit the hay --

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the cubicle's backporch said...

I love the play-by-play action. I've never seen Nashville Star, but I'm sure it's fabulous. Did you ever watch "Farmers wants a wife?" Of course he chose the virgin in the end, but it was a nice cliche-type country show anyway.