Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waiting to settle in

We are renting a house in a very trendy area of Chattanooga, it is very close to a lot of the things we like. It is also a little too close to things we don't like, for instance the house next door that gets rented out nightly for parties. We were unaware of this situation when we rented the house, and the first weekend after we moved in, we noticed that the formerly empty house was suddenly inundated with cars and people. Every weekend, and some weeknights, there has been a large gathering. And almost every gathering has required that my husband go over and ask them to keep it down, as the baby's room is practically part of the house next door. Usually, folks are apologetic and usually quiet down, or take it inside, which solves the problem. Sometimes, it doesn't work out that way, and we have to call the police. I could handle it if it happened once a month, but every single weekend is really not good.

So, we're moving again. We found a GREAT place, very large, screened porch, a little more out in the country, large lot, more separated from neighbors, and very close to baby's daycare. It seemed too easy, and we are both worried that something will fall through. Provided that it doesn't, we move in about two and a half weeks. We found the house about two weeks ago. So, we've been living with one foot here and one foot there, so to speak. This is beginning to wear on us, we're tired of this ready-at-a-moment's-notice type of lifestyle. I hope this place provides us a more permanent state of mind.

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