Thursday, May 07, 2009

The sun had BETTER come out

Lately, I’ve had been feeling completely overwhelmed. I’m so upset by the fact that I have no time to spend with S, that we are both working our tails off so that we can pay someone else to spend time with him. Not that he isn’t benefiting from daycare, because I know that he is. He is very happy there, has his little friends, and that is great. But I hate Mondays, and going back to seeing him for a few hours a day, and starting my countdown until the weekend all over again. I miss him. I hate that I absolutely have to work, that we have to have my income. I hate that summers for him will mean going to another school, not lazing around and going to the pool day after day. I hate it. There is no other option, and he’ll be fine. But I can’t help listening to that little voice in the back of my head that wants things to be different; even if they can’t be.

And I have a freaking bolt in my tire. ~sigh~

I emailed the recruiter in Atlanta, they still haven't made a decision, almost two weeks later?! If we hear nothing by the end of Friday, we are just going to make the decision to stay here. We can't keep living in "Maybe" land.

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