Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Doctor's appointment today

Okay, if you had some doubt of how neurotic I am (and why would you?). I actually had test anxiety about failing the pregnancy test at the doctor. I took another one just to make sure I would get a positive result! How funny is that! I have my first appointment today, I'm hoping we can get a better guess of how far along I am. Of course, I want to know EVERYTHING right now, I want to do an ultrasound, tell me my baby is free from defects, and that everything is perfect. Unfortunately, I know that is impossible. I think I'm going to learn a lot of patience throughout this process.
Why is it when people find out your pregnant, they tell you these atrocious stories of something that happened to their friend's friend, like the umbilical cord choking the baby, etc. I don't want to know this, HELLO! I don't need anything else to worry about!!
I rode Charlie last night, just a short ride, but it was awesome. I tried to start him on a nice slow trot, which he did for 2 steps, and then broke out into a canter. I didn't mind, it felt so good. I'm able to turn him and go back the length of the polo field(quite long) as well, so he can now run two lengths without coughing, I don't know if he could go more, as I let him rest for a minute after doing two. That is incredible, considering for the last year, he's had no ability to run at all without coughing. It does my heart good. He just seems to be doing really well. His hooves are growing in nicely, no more splitting and chipping, no more stumbling. It is amazing how terrible the farriers in Tennessee were. I told them they were doing his hooves too flat, he had no heel, but of course, they just laughed at the stupid little woman... bastards!! I'm so glad to be back in CO and able to take care him the way he deserves to be taken care of...I just hope I can do the same for my baby.

Hopefully I'll have something good to report from today's appointment. It would be cool if I were 8 weeks along, I really don't think I'm 10, as the first day of my last period would indicate, only because I took my pg test around Jun 11 and it was negative. I guess we'll see!

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